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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you source ingredients? 
A: Let's Eat leverages local farms, farmers markets, and grocery stores with high sustainability and organic goods standards (e.g. Oliver's, Whole Foods). Artisan goods are also frequently woven into dishes such as seasoned salts, edible flowers, bone broth, bread, and pasta.

Q: How fresh are the  inredients used in meal kits and private events?

A: Other than staple ingredients (e.g. flour, salt), all ingredients are carefully selected two or three days prior. This is done to maximize flavor, to ensure high quality of each ingredient and to minimize perishability prior to use.

Q: What is a Let's Eat Meal Kit? 

A: Meal Kits contain ingredients for 3 to 4 courses and chosen for their seasonal and health improvement properties. The courses are designed weekly and the main entrees between Vegetarian, Meat and Seafood.


Q: What can I expect to prepare at home in a Meal Kit?

A:  Warm courses that require consumption within an hour or lose critical texture or flavor with a reheat are prepared at home (e.g. meats, roasted vegetables). Common reheat items include soup and sauces. All dressings are also prepared by Let's Eat.  

Q: How much time will it take to prepare a Meal Kit?

A: The average meal requires less than 30 minutes. Exceptions include entrees with thicker meat portions and/or courses that require additional simmer time to maximize flavor. Those requiring more than 30 minute prep time will be flagged on weekly menus. 

Q: Are Meal Kit ingredients prepacked and/or previously chopped?

A: All ingredients are prepped in advance of delivery, unless doing so would dramatically compromise texture or flavor.

Q: Do I get prep instructions with a Meal Kit? 

A: Yes, all Meal Kits are accompanied by prep instructions via email and/or a password protected portal. These instructions are sent day of each delivery.

Q: Does Let's Eat support unique dietary restrictions or preferences?

A: Currently, Meal Kits may only be modified to accommodate nut allergies. Please note nut allergies in your Meal Kit order form. Private dinner parties are fully customizable and discussed 1:1 with the Chef. 

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