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Let's Eat personal chef Summer sample menus


Farewell Spring, Hello Summer


On My Knees (Signature Cocktail)

If you're a fan of Lavender Lemonade, but looking for more "punch" then sip your way through this twist on a "Bees Knees" with St. George's Botanivore Gin. Take one, maybe two.

Poached Peaches & Mascarpone (Appetizer)

The tastes of (almost) summertime are vibrant in this dish of poached stone fruit with
Mascarpone and more hints of Lavender season.

Pea Bisque with Creme Fraiche & Wildflowers (Starter)

Segue to your greens in this savory dish of pureed spring Peas, hints of Bacon,
Lavender and Creme Fraiche. Topped with edible wildflowers, it's like spring in a bowl.

Lavender Pasta Primavera (Entree)

How can such simple ingredients taste so good? This dish features a combination of hand-crafted Spaghetti tossed in Olive Oil, Roasted Vegetables, and more hints of Lavender that will tease your taste buds. Topped with roughly chopped Swiss Chard and freshly grated Parmesan.


Green Beans With Lavender Bacon & Almond Slivers (Side)

Streamed then blanched, these summer Green Beans deliver with a crunch and
added flavors of Lavender-infused Bacon and Almond slivers.

Lavender Pound Cake (Dessert)

Clean your palette with this citrus-forward finale of the evening with more
Honey, Lemon, and Lavender. You'll want two slices and the recipe.


A Backyard BBQ

Watermelon Martinis (Signature Cocktail)

This martini is friendly on the palette with a combination of
farm-fresh watermelon, lemon, vodka, and a hint of dill.


Heirloom Tomatoes With Burrata & Crostinis (Starter)

Start the main courses with a rainbow of mouth-watering, same-day-garden tomatoes with burrata, fresh herbs, sea salt, and crostinis.

Summer Corn Salad with Prawns (Starter)

Summer corn takes the front seat on this salad laced with citrus undertones, Spinach, Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Black Beans and Shallots. Topped with sauteed Prawns and
a dash of Cayenne Pepper you're bound to ask for more.

Open Faced Pulled Pork & Coleslaw (Entree)

This slow-cooked pork is served open-faced with toasted rye bread and has the perfect blend of sweet and spicy with a homemade barbecue sauce and fresh coleslaw. Quintessential "summertime on a plate".

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese (Side)

This side dish might as well take the front seat of the dinner. Enjoy this Vegan twist on our favorite comfort food and summer BBQ sidekick. (To-go boxes included.)

Key Lime Tarts with Wildflowers (Dessert)

A terrific palette cleanser post BBQ, the citrus notes of this bite-size tart will leave
you craving more. While you're at it, take some pictures of the wildflowers.

A Southern Summer


Gunpowder Martini (Signature Cocktail)

The shot can't be seen in this martini masterpiece, but it's most definitely laced with local St George's Gin, fresh squeezed Lemon and Lime juice, Korbel Champagne and Cayenne Pepper.

White Gazpacho (Starter)

Most people think tomato when they hear gazpacho, but there’s no tomato in sight here. This healthy recipe calls for Cauliflower, Cucumber and Almonds. Add a hit of heat with Cayenne Pepper and your feast is off to a great start.

Slow Cooked Pork & Collard Greens (Entree)

Nothing accentuates Southern-style eating more than slow-cooked pork. Complimented by collard greens, Sonoma bacon, iron skillet cornbread, and seasonal fruit this dish will leave you wanting more.

Spring Peas with Potatoes & Bacon (Side)

Farmer's market English peas like you've never seen them before in this southern dish. Served fresh with roasted potatoes, shallots, bacon bits and a savory vinaigrette.

Key Lime Tarts (Dessert)

Hello Southern Living. Dinner wouldn't be complete without palette-cleansing Key Lime Tarts
accompanied by a Rhubarb puree and Wild Flowers.

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