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Let's Eat personal chef Winter sample menus



Served with a Seasonal Juice Bar (3 variations) | Coffee | Tea

Hello Sunshine
Breakfast Burritos with local eggs, veggies, sausage and cheese (vegetarian and vegan options are available) | Roasted Potato Hash


Egg Scramble with Roasted Seasonal Veggies | Fresh Fruit | Rustic Sourdough Bread and side of local Honey and Jam

Traditions Part Deux
Quiche with Seasonal Veggies and Bacon  | Fresh Fruit | Rustic Sourdough Bread and side of Raw Honey and Jam

Weekend Vibes
Greek Yogurt Parfaits with fresh Granola and Seasonal Fruit | Bagel Mix (3 variations) with side of Butter, Cream Cheese or Raw Honey | Lox (additional fees apply)






A California Picnic

Kombucha Bar (3 variations) | Avocado Salad with Spinach, Radish, Black Beans, Sea Salt and Lime Juice | BLT/LT Sandwiches with house Pesto & Mayo

A California Picnic Part Deux

Infused Waters (Mint, Cucumber and Citrus) | Persimmon Salad with Spinach, Almond Slivers and Mint | Beef & Veggie Burger Sliders with side of fermented Veggies (pickles, carrots, beets) | Roasted Potatoes with Herbs and Aioli

Cali Crush Flavors

Seasonal Fresca (2 variations) | Barley Salad with Arugula, Black Beans, Orange, Mint and a Sherry Vinaigrette | Cali Club with Rustic Sourdough & house Pesto | Cashew Dip & Sweet Peppers


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